Pit Bull Myths

June 12, 2011 in American Pit Bull Terriers by admin

Dogster.com posted an article titled:10 Common Misconceptions About Pit Bulls. In which, they talk about myths on both sides of the pit bull fence.

I mostly agree with their statements, but I have to say I am not happy about the last part of “Misconception #7″. They are painting too broad of a brush. As a pure breed American Pit Bull Terrier who’s line was bred for their gaminess, I have to say, if my owner told me to release, I did. End of story. If another dog provoked a fight and it started getting out of hand, my owner could call me off as long as the other dog was restrained (not going to continue attacking). If I was in a palmetto bush catching a hog (my most favorite thing in the whole world!!) that would like nothing better than to slice me to bits, I what I was told. They are also contradicting their statement in “Misconception #4″.

It really gets my gruff when I read “Under no circumstance should an American Pit Bull Terrier ever be let alone with another animal.” While the article doesn’t say this I have seen it a lot. Are there animal/dog aggressive APBTs? You betcha. Should those dogs be left alone with other animals? Heck no. Are all APBTs aggressive? No way!